Laser Care. The world’s most advanced hair removal system, and the secret to permanent results.

Our state of the art lasers are equipped to custom fit all skin types, without leaving you with the hassles that repetitive shaving, waxing, and tweezing can do.

Highly concentrated light is beamed from the laser into your hair follicles, it is absorbed by the pigment in the follicle and is thus, destroyed. The process is painless, quick and effective. Laser care can target even the most difficult of areas because of its extreme precision.




Laser Care Benefits

Laser Care reduces the constant up-keep that is common among women who shave, wax, tweeze, etc.

Removing hair in this way does not leave you with the same side effects that other hair removal systems would; i.e. bumps, nicks, bruises, cuts, and rashes.

As a patient using the Laser Care system you can look forward to only positive side effects:
• Over 90% of patients have either seen a drastic lessening of hair regrowth, or none at all after 3 to 5 sessions.
• The precision and speed of the Laser allows patients to be in and out of the spa with our fraction of a second laser pulses.


Laser Areas

Small Areas

upper lip, cheeks, forehead, underarms, feet, hands, neck, bikini

Medium Areas

brazilian, full face, half arm, abs, buttocks

Large Areas

half leg, full arms, half back (male), shoulders

Extra Large Areas

full legs, full back, full chest and abs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Laser Hair Removal and how does it work?

Laser hair removal works by selectively targeting an area using a specific wavelength of light that is absorbed by the melanin, or pigment, in the root of the hair. When the light is absorbed by the pigment, it heats up the root (dermal papilla), and destroys it. The hair has three different phases of growth; the active phase (anagen), the resting phase (catagen), and the shedding phase (telogen). It is only during the active growth phase that the hair shaft is attached to the root and the root will be destroyed. Each hair moves through the three phases of growth over a 6 to 8 week period. This is why laser hair removal necessitates multiple treatments. Because the laser light targets pigment, it is not effective on blonde, grey, white, and some shades of red hair.

What is the difference between all the bikini shapes that you offer? Do you have anything I can see?

The Basic Bikini Line only removes the hair that would show if you were wearing a bathing suit. The Extended Bikini Line removes more hair than a Basic Bikini but less than a Brazilian. It takes most of the hair off of the top, and comes in further on the sides, leaving you with a small area of groomed hair (this option does NOT remove the hair on the labia or the thong line). The Brazilian Bikini gives you the option to remove all the hair down below (though you can leave a triangle or strip if you like). It is the only option that we offer that removes the hair from the labia and thong line. If all else fails and this doesn’t make sense, please look at the image below.

Does it hurt?

For most clients, it is a quick discomfort. Many people say it is less painful than waxing. Candela uses a patented cooling system with Cryogen spray to cool the skin immediately before the laser hits its target. If you are very uncomfortable, however, we sell a numbing cream that you can apply an hour before your treatment.

How many treatments will I need?

Industry standard recommends 6 treatments per area. However, some larger areas such as men’s backs, or hormonal areas on women like the lip/chin, can take 6-8 treatments.

What should I do to prepare for my treatments?

Please come to your treatments clean shaven, and free of lotions, makeup, deodorant, or sunless tanner. We suggest that you shave the night before your treatment, as any excess surface hair wastes the energy of the laser and creates excess plume. If you use sunless tanner, please exfoliate your skin 5-7 days before a treatment. If you decide to use a numbing cream, please apply it one hour before your appointment. If it is your first time visiting us, please come with your consultation forms printed and filled out.

Are there any contra-indications for Laser Hair Removal treatment that I should be aware of?

We cannot treat anyone that has an active tan. The GentleYAG (used on tanned or dark skin) requires that you be out of the sun for 2 weeks. The GentleLASE (used on fair skin) requires that you be out of the sun for 4 weeks. Please call our offices and let us know if you have recently been exposed to the sun so we can reserve the appropriate machine for you.

We cannot treat anyone that is currently taking antibiotics or other light sensitive medications. You must have completed a course of any antibiotic 14 days prior to your treatment. If you are not sure whether the medication you are taking is light sensitive, please ask your prescribing physician prior to your visit.

If you are pregnant, please bring us a doctor’s note.